Barbara Tyson



20+ years of representing Barb and I continue to have the pleasure of working with her daily. It is the combination of her professionalism, creativity and understanding of copy that has made her one of the top voice overs performers in the country!

— Ralph Streich, Red Management

Barbara is my go-to voice whenever the opportunity arises. She has great instincts, understands the realities of today’s advertising environment and delivers exactly what I need when I need it. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is the consumate professional.
— Alex Whittaker, Owner at Fresh Ears Music Ltd
Barbara has worked for my company for over 10 years, providing amazing work in every case. I have recommended her to all of my contacts and she has given the same exemplary work for them.
— Ted Cowie, Senior Marketing Advisor at Sea2Go
I’ve worked with Barb more times than I can count. In fact. I’ve played the “dumb husband” to her “smart wife” character so many times in commercials that we may be considered common-law in some cultures! She’s a consummate VO pro. Top notch. Highly recommended.
— Ian James Corlett, Writer, Creator, Producer of Youth TV series (not to mention a famous voice actor)

Barbara always brings her A-game to the table. She is a favorite of casting directors and producers across the country and a delight to work with.

— Deb Dillistone, Agent, RED Talent Management

I have had the pleasure of working with Barbara on numerous productions over the years and she has always done an amazing job. She is a top notch actress recognized internationally for her talent.
— Attila Szalay, Owner, Hun Productions Ltd.
You surprised, going in a completely different direction than what I intended; only afterwards realizing how much BETTER you made the copy! I would bottle up that delivery and send it to the masses. Pure gold! You helped create one happy Friday for our Creative team, thanks Barb!”
— Matt Crain, Vice President & General Manager, White Oaks Communication Group / JOY Radio 1250 / CJMR 1320
Barbara is a consummate professional actor and voice over performer. I have worked with her on several occasions and found her to be engaging and a wonderful talent as well as being a lot of fun to work with.
— Garry Chalk, Actor at Chalktalk Productions Inc.

Barbara is probably the most versatile actor that I have worked with. She understands character and is capable of many looks. Her voice over abilities bring life to a script.

— Crawford Hawkins, Past Exec. Director, Directors Guild of Canada BC. - Post Production Producer, Seahawk Communications, Inc.

I have been Barbara’s agent for many years and she never fails to do the absolute best job! She is the utmost professional and a dream client for an agent to have. The one thing that Barbara has over many of my clients is that she understands that she is part of the solution — she shows up to help the producer or ad agency solve their “problem” in an efficient, creative manner.
— Linda Weaver, Owner, Access Talent, New York City
Barb is an amazingly talented voiceover artist. I have hired her several times for both large brands and for little guys in the start-up world. Every time, she delivers a great read that makes my life so much easier. If you need a voiceover for anything, or just want someone to prank call your old boss, hire Barb. And oh yeah, she also happens to be a pretty wonderful person.
— Dan Nelken, Award-Winning Advertising Creative, Video Content Producer and Director.

We love working with Barb. She's is a tremendous voice talent that we can count on every time. She takes direction very well and often brings more to the script than we envisioned. She is on our "A" list of voices to call in.

— Gord Lord, Partner at GGRP

Love Barbara’s work! We have cast her repeatedly because she has star qualities, hard to find these days! She is always in our minds for the next project! Just love her!
— Cynde Harmon, Owner, Really Real Films Inc.
Barbara’s talent, professionalism and experience are second to none, not to mention that she is simply wonderful to be around.
— Peter F. Woeste, Director/Cinematographer
Barbara is one of the rare individuals in our business; in that she always succeeds with the choices she makes. She’s simply a wonderful actress, voice over artist and collaborator. I recommend her to anyone without reservation.
— Allan Harmon, Owner, Really Real Films Inc.